Online Bra Size Calculator
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Online Bra Size Calculator

How to measure your actual bra size: a comprehensive guide, measurement charts and online calculator. Look at the tables for converting sizes and read advice on the pr...

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Many male compatriots don't know how to buy bras for girls. Measuring the size of bras is indeed a very difficult thing. However, if you can remember the formula and have a calculator and chart on hand, you can do well, so how to measure the size of bras correctly at home? I don't have to ask why bra is the ultimate size measurement guide for both men and women on the online website.Online Bra Size Calculator

How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home Properly

There are two do-it-yourself ways to take the correct measurements at home – the simple and the advanced. To do it the simple way, you need to take two measurements, namely the snug underbust and the standing bust. And there are two simple systems for measuring your bra size, namely the Underbust Plus Four and the Underbust Plus Zero. Let us have a closer look at all of them one by one in the following sections.

Simple Way

First, you must take the two essential measurements which you will need to make correct calculations of your bust size by yourself at home.

Online Bra Size Calculator
Standing Bust. Take the measurements of your breasts while standing or sitting up fully erect, and again, the tape should be parallel to the ground. Likewise, do not squeeze your breasts with it too tight, and do not let it hang loose either.
Online Bra Size Calculator
Snug Underbust. Place the tape comfortably under your bust, making sure it is in a perfectly horizontal position. You should feel as comfortable as you would like to do when you wear the bra. The tape should rest firmly under your breasts, but it must not press the skin too tight.



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